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Gone are the days when one could say that ‘fashion’ and ‘accessories’ are words that related only to women. Men fashion accessories are now as important to a man’s dressing now, and no man can be said to be complete without them! Here are a few wardrobe must-haves for the 21st century man! The most common and the most important accessory is a tie. Whether or not you are in a corporate job, a tie is something that you just need to have in your wardrobe for all the times when you need to look classy and formal, without making it appear as if you are trying to hard to be sophisticated. The young generation has also given a brand new meaning to these ties, by wearing them on cool casual wears to get a ‘hippie’ look!

Also, every man must own a few pairs of bets- some to go with trousers, and others for casual wear. The belts could be utility belts or plain fashion belts, but you a need a bit of all kinds to complete the look on days when you just don’t know how to stand out in the crowd! Hats are almost as useful, though not really crucial.

Cufflinks have always been on the top of the style statements of the rich and the elegant, and their popularity seems to be on a rise like never before. A good pair of cufflinks can turn any man into a gentleman whom ladies cannot stop noticing! It would not be wrong to say here that investing a good deal of money on a cufflink is not a bad idea, since the designs stay in fashion men clothing online like forever, and can be worn over generations too!

Side bags, briefcases, laptop bags etc are things that we all need to use from time to time. Hence it only makes sense to take these men fashion accessories seriously and make sure that what you purchase is not only in style, but also suits your personality. Good bags along with smart set of men clothing online available, for example rick Owens clothing or may be rick Owens Knitwear can almost create a whole new look for you- for instance, an elegantly designed maroon bag carried around with formal wear lets people know that though matured and classy, you can actual be a lot of fun on the side too!

The next on the line of men fashion accessories are the shoes and the sunglasses. The secret to both of these accessories is to make sure that they match your outfit and are comfortable to wear. If you cannot carry them around with confidence, there is not point in wearing them at all. And of course, quality is of great importance, since they can literally last you for decades! You can go for branded or the local products- as long as they feel good, look good and last long, nothing else matters!