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Rick Owens, the famous fashion designer known for his edgy designs started experimenting with his dark ideology in Southern California. He quickly caught the attention of the fashion world and swept away many fashion awards and soon made his base in Paris. His look has been variously described as ‘glamour meets grunge’ or ‘Gothic’ but none can deny the impact he has on the fashion trends.

A Rick Owen garment is ideal for the 40-50 something yearning for the good ol’ days of rock n roll as well Imageas for the younger generation wanting to look ‘cool’. His garments have the knack of bringing out the best features of the wearer’s body and it’s no wonder that his clothes are much lusted after. It is also not cheap by any standard and that is why a Rick owens sale is a much-awaited event.

Any garment of his adds a certain sexiness and elegance to the wearer without going overboard and there is something always very fresh in his ideas that appeals to the fashion follower. Rick owens men clothing is androgynous and there is always a touch of the feminine in them which somehow only he can carry it off in his designs. For that extra glamour yet a very wearable quality, there is nothing to touch Rick owens clothing. His knitwear is hugely popular and fans eagerly await the Rick owens sale to grab some of the most amazing clothes.

Rick owen knitwear is unique in the sense that he effortlessly sprinkles a bit of grunginess in the collections without making them downmarket. His jackets are the stuff of which a cult has been established and they can be picked up in a wide range of colour, cuts and prices. The trademark of any Rick owens clothing is its high quality fabric and the impeccable attention to stitching and cuts which ensure that the finished product is almost a work of art. It is unsurpassed in comfort, longevity and glamour.

From the whimsical and funky to elegant and graceful clothing, Rick owens sale of clothes has it all. Both men and women clothing by rick Owens scream haute couture but in a very down-to-earth way which means that the average youth can easily wear it in real life. There is always a hint of wildness in his collections which appeals to the daredevil side of the younger generation.

Heads will turn automatically if you appear in a Rick Owen design and it is not surprising that he is one of the ultimate fashion gurus. A Rick owens sale is one which people wait for with anticipation and excitement at the thought of finally laying their hands on some unique masterpieces at good prices.