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Lumen et umbra Top

Fashion in clothes always keeps on changing but at times you come across styles and designs that cannot be replaced by better ones. People never want to let go of things that look great on them. This is the reason why certain designer outfits are so much in demand and their price always remains on the higher side.  People recognize quality with brand names. They do so because they believe the makers who follow a tradition of creating designs that can stand the test of time. Rick Owens, Nicolas & Mark and Andrew Mackenzie are some of the popular designers who are known as trendsetters of the age. Textile designers and clothing manufacturers follow these artists to create styles and designs people can’t resist.

Most of the new age designers come from Italy and the best ones are known to design for top Italian brands like Prato and Gucci. Clothes made by such award winning designers are sold worldwide under their names.  At the beginning of every season they launch fashion shows and fashion festivals to introduce new styles to the world. In these shows they display top men’s and women’s collection which is then popularized by media, movies and fashion magazines. The most popular designs of 2012 were launched by Italian designers like Rick Owens.  His designs are much sought after by models and actors.  Cardigans, jackets and jumpers designed by him are quite popular among women.  You can check out his spring and fall collection through online sources. There are a few reputed online outlets that offer these clothes. You can place an order to buy online and depending on your location your products will be shipped to you within few days to a week’s time.

Andrew Mackenzie is yet another celebrated designer well known for his men’s Italian shirts and jeans collection.  ‘Against my Killer’ is a popular brand introduced by Andrew which went on to become a revolutionary trend in street fashion. This includes oversize carrot cut jeans and denims, harem cut and extra-worn designs. These patterns are available in stone-wash and soft textures.  Hooded tops and shirts from Andrew Mackenzie are a perfect wear for parties and discos. They are expensive but you can also find them under affordable ranges.  There are online dealers like Dress space that offer such designer collection with huge discount offers. They present a few selective styles that are quite cherished and extremely new in the market.

After browsing all the Street fashion it would be a great change to check out some exquisite official designs by Lumen Et Umbra.  The brand is owned by a Japanese menswear designer based in Umbria who went on to become popular right from the start.  Jackets, Strobo pants and slim-fit tops and shirts designed by him are quite elegant and different from rest of the lot.  These items are not too expensive and prices begin from 200 US dollars.

The best way to own designer collection is to buy online where you get exciting offers and discounts on your seasonal purchases.

Lumen et umbra Undershirt