If you are new to the fashion world and are yet to gain expertise, then here are some tips which would help you get better in the field. These tips would give you a greater insight into maintenance of outfits and personal grooming:

i. Jeans: Some women often buy a pair of jeans and then give it to the tailor to get the length curtailed. This is one mistake which you should avoid at all costs. Most jeans tend to shrink a bit after the first wash! So, before you chuck it to the tailor, make sure that you have got it washed at least on a couple of times. Who knows, you may not need the services of tailoring at all!

ii. Washing Cashmere: Cashmere products by brands like Dressspace Andrew Mackenzie are extremely coveted. But did you know that the best way to wash cashmere is to do it by hand?

iii. Ironed clothes: It is said that one must not don an outfit instantly after getting it ironed. This can create fresh wrinkles which would look horrendous on you. Ideally, one should spend around 10 minutes before the outfit is donned.

iv. Oil-stained handbag: So, you bought a suave-looking handbag from Andrew Mackenzie and are upset because it got stained with oil? Worry not; a simple trick should get the stain removed! Just buy some baby powder and smear it over the affected area. Let it remain for a few hours. And you would see that the oil stain has become invisible.

v. Leather boots woes: At times, women crib over the watermarks printed on their boots. If they are starkly visible and you desire to impale them, it would be best to scrub the area with vinegar.