Rick Owens Round-necked sweater

Dressing up in a Rick Owens outfit is making a style statement and shows the world that you are a ‘somebody’ on the fashion scene. Both his men and women clothing are equally popular and fans wait eagerly to lay their hands on his clothes as soon as they are out. Rick Owens is a designer of unconventional design sensibilities and his style is considered to be extremely unique in the fashion industry. He studied art and then tried his hand at pattern cutting, a skill which he has utilized to his maximum advantage as the cuts of his clothes make him stand head and shoulders above competition. DressSpace Rick Owens sale is a highly anticipated event as fans then can pick up clothes at great prices.

Dressspace Rick Owens clothing caters to both men and women and his style has been described as ‘grunge meeting glamour’. His clothes are dark, edgy and bold and he has turned fashion rules upside down on its head. At DressSpace Rick Owens sale you can find men’s clothes which explore the feminine side and are unabashedly androgynous while the women’s clothes have a rawness which is normally associated with more masculine collections. Rick Owens is also known for his experimental fabrics; his materials undergo a lot of processing so that the original fabric emerges as something totally different.

DressSpace Rick Owens sale is the time to pick up one of the famed Rick Owens leather jackets or his knitwear which will add considerable value to your fashion quotient.

Rick Owens Pullover