Rick Owens is a fashion designer of international repute. He studied at theOtis College of Art and Design in LA but dropped out of the course after two years. He then took up pattern cutting which has since then served him well as it has given him a good understanding of the importance of basic pattern making. In fact, the thing which stands out most in a Rick Owens outfit, besides its head-turning design is the beautiful cut and flow of the outfit. Today, his clothes can be found in the most prestigious stores across the world and fans can even pick up his stuff online from DressSpace Rick Owens outlet.

Rick Owens style can be best described as an amalgamation of grunge and glamour. With a sombre colour palette and minimalistic cuts, his collections give out vibes living life dangerously and on the edge. At DressSpace Rick Owens outlet, one can see his clothes are dark, gothic and futuristic. His clothes are a mixture of sack and egg shapes but they flow and drape beautifully and the cuts are immaculate. With form-flattering designs, Rick Owens clothes are a dream possession for any fashion-aware person and even if they are out of reach in the normal course, one can always pick it up at DressSpace Rick Owens sale.

With materials being given a twist and turn so that they don’t resemble the original fabric at all, Rick Owens clothes are as much talked about his materials as much as they for his cuts and designs. For those who prefer the convenience of internet shopping the DressSpace Rick Owens outlet is the best place to pick up his clothes at good rates.

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