dafsThere are some fashion crazy people who want to go with the trends and for them Italian fashion houses are one of the favorite destinations. Italian fashion, clothing and accessories are the essence of the chic. This is all about unfussiness, authenticity and wears ability. There are various house of fashion that inspires the clothing style of people all over the world. The country is home to the world’s renowned skilled, talented and knowledgeable fashion designers and brands.

Some of the eminent fashion brands made in Italy like Gucci, Diesel, Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana that are successfully creating the fashion appeal worldwide. The first Italian show was held in Florence in 1950 organized by Count Giovanni, and followed by various fashion shows and so on and ultimately Italy has finally achieved the top second positions in world among illustrious fashion capitals. During this era, the designers had revolutionized the world with their innovative creations.

The country has always made ground-breaking use of fabrics creating simple designs but with sharp hand finishing, ensuring elegance and quality. Moreover, these fashion brands made in Italy have always been popular among the celebrities and royalty, right from the Valentino dress worn by Jacqueline Kennedy at her wedding to the famous Salvatore Ferragamo red shoes that Marylin Monroe wore to the popular Borsalino hat worn by Michael Jackson.

Finally, one must say that Italy has made its name in the fashion Industry since the era of haut cultures, set trends, brands have been named due to never-ending efforts of renowned designers who seems to continue on this path from any decades.