Confused about how to and where to buy that perfect pair of jeans? Then visit the site Dress Space. This site is a one stop solution for the latest range of fashion clothing and accessories. On this site both men and women can find a wide variety of clothing range for different seasons and several options in accessories.


One of the most purchased items on Dress Space is Italian jeans for men displayed on this site. The origin of jeans started with the factory workers wearing jeans at work which were back then known to be as “waist overalls”. With the changing times many Hollywood celebrities begin to sport jeans in the 1950’s. The Hollywood trend of sporting jeans made them extremely popular and a wardrobe must have essential clothing item.

Men especially are known to have an immense liking for jeans and with this the demand for Italian jeans for men is on an all time high. There are different types, cuts, sizes and colors of jeans available today. But selecting the right pair of jeans can work wonders on the overall style statement. Mentioned below are a few pointers for selecting designer jeans for men:


Selecting the right fit in jeans –

The different fits available in jeans are:

  • Standard Fit
  • Slim Fit
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Tapered Jeans
  • Boot Cut Jeans

Understanding the right fit of jeans according to the individual body type is the best way to buy jeans.

Selecting the right wash in jeans –

This is one of the most common mistakes that most of the jeans buyers often make. The wash of the jeans can either make someone appear twice their size or vice versa. The shades of dark blue tones are a perfect choice for people who are on the heavier side. The lighter stonewashed finish is ideal for the average sized men.


Selecting the right waist line type in jeans –

This is yet another most element that men need to consider while buying designer jeans. The three common types in waist line jeans are low rise, ultra low rise and high rise jeans. In this low rise is mostly preferred by men with toned abs, and the ultra low rise is only to flaunt the leaner physique further. High rise is preferred by men who are slightly overweight.

Selecting the right jeans material –

The common jeans materials are denim, polyester, cotton, leather and corduroy. Amongst all these materials denim is the best material that any jeans lover can and should opt for.