Pop stars find a certain sort of satisfaction in wearing strange type of clothing (drop crotch pants!) but if the entire world was to dress up that way, the fashion industry would be annihilated by Anarchy of styles. Fashion is a representative of many things and those who don’t live the road warrior lives also indulge in sleek and sharp fashion while those who have a penchant for edgy style statements take the risky route with asymmetric and new age designs. But even now, nothing can surpass the beauty of the subtle style of an Italian man and Woman. Italians surely have a way with their words and clothes but it isn’t hard to dress up the way Italians do…find out your Italian inspiration here:

Nothing is wilder in Italy than an ‘I love blah band’ T-shirt worn with a pair of leggings and flip flops. Italians take great pride in their sophisticated style and that calls for careful picking of the clothes for the most casual tasks. So, if you are only going to pick groceries, slip into your comfortable block heels or low heel mules and a season suitable top and bottom wear. Major Fashion designers come from Italy and French capitals and thus the latter has set new milestones in the Fashion industry that are loyally followed by not only Italians but also by men and women across the world. Dressing like an Italian woman doesn’t mean saying goodbye to the comforts of loose and convenient clothes. Instead it means inclusion of convenient clothing in most fashionable ways so look for your favorite camisole tops, casual and work blouses in high quality material and pair them with well tailored pants that fit your legs and bring out the length and shape beautifully. Men seeking the subtle nonchalance can explore wide varieties of printed and simple Italian shirts for work and non-work occasions as these go well with pants as well as under suits.


Crisp Italian shirts in refined checkered prints, well tailored and fit pants that go well with simple Polo T-shirts as well as trench coats and jackets, Summer jackets (or sports jackets) in pastel shades, perfectly tailored suits in Navy blue, black, gray, brown and beige shades are a must have for any man who wants to dress like an Italian and look great. Guilio Bondi, Nicolas & Mark, Domingo Rodriguez,