Buying the perfect pair of pants can be a less than happy experience for many of us. A behind which is too big, or one that could do with implants, a waist line which is more of a vast line, or legs which you wish were longer! All of us have gone through the big mismatch about how we wished a pair of pants looked on us what the mirror tells us! But take heart-there is a pant for you no matter what your body type. The tall slim and leggy types of course have no worries on this account but what about the rest majority of us who are far less than perfect!


If you are…ahem…how should we put it delicately? A bit on the heavier side then you have to be particularly careful of the size, cut, and colour. Something which is too tight will accentuate the bulges and on the other hand a size which is big for you will give you a baggy look. A skinny cut or slim fit is a big NO-No, rather go for regular or straight fit. Stick to darker colours as they will make you look slimmer and give a miss to the paler shades. Casual pants are really in this season and it is a real pleasure to see all that is on offer in the category of Italian designer pants at Dressspace. Italians take their dressing seriously you know and their sense of style is truly a cut above the rest! No wonder that Milan is one of the major fashion capitals of the world.


The delightful range of Italian Designer Pants at Dressspace.com which you can buy online is truly the one stop shop for retail therapy. They have managed to get together an impressive collection from designers who are edgy and contemporary. The interesting thing is that they give you a little background on each of the designers on their portal, which gives you an insight into their design inspirations. So you can get an idea about the kind of look that they stand for and what you can expect from their line.

Casual pants are not just for casual wear as we normally understand. Nowadays even corporates and offices allow casual office wear on weekends or at some office parties.   Formal dressing can be relaxed a bit on such occasions. For instance you may go to an office party in jeans, but you have to accessorize it well. No sneakers will be acceptable. Women can wear stylish and formal stilettoes, jewellery which is not intrusive and make up which is not loud. Men should wear formal pumps or other semiformal shoes, and in case they are wearing a good T-shirt (silly messages, loud colours and sloppy T-shirts will not do) they need to throw on a jacket on top to transform the look to a semi-formal one. And of course all of you remember you need to smell good too so put a dash of your favourite perfume or cologne and you are all set!


Of course if you are buying clothes for a totally casual occasion you can experiment and do anything as long as you carry it off with style, oomph and confidence.

Look up the pants at Dressspace and you are sure to find something that will flatter your body type and complement your style.