Grab stylist women leather jackets made in Italy



Women look really very good in leather jackets. Jackets blend masculinity with the feminine look. The blend is beautiful, and you could also try it out. Jackets made of leather are probably the most popular. The leather is usually made from the hide of animals. It is often dyed in different colors like black or brown. But there is a huge variety of colors available. They could be used for specific purposes like they are popularly used when riding a motorbike, or they are often used by the police. In all cases, they serve the function of protection or giving a fashionable look. In other cases, wearing a jacket might give you an intimidating look.

Made In Italy Is Available In The US Thanks To The Internet
With the growth of the mass media and globalization, it has become very easy to get Women’s Leather Jackets Made In Italy, or anything else for that matter, whether you live in the US or any other part of the world. The domain of the online market extends to the whole world, and it is very easy to find things online.

Shop Online to Save Money
the ease and convenience extends to the purse too because you are sure to get things at very economical prices over web portals. This is because these online merchants buy the products directly from the manufacturer and sell them to the final consumers at a small profit. All intervening intermediaries are bypassed in the transaction, and the bypass saves some money that is ultimately passed on to the consumer. This is how you could find Women’s Leather Jackets Made in Italy at very reasonable prices when you choose to shop online for them. To add to the fun, several websites offer free shipping.

Leather Jackets Compliment the Good Looks
Jackets are the ideal to compliment whatever dress you may be wearing. It could be a short skirt, or it could be a pair of jeans or it could be a pair of trousers. The leather jacket is sure to look good.

Leather Jackets Enhance the Looks
Leather jackets could be worn in all kinds of weather, so don’t think they are only for use in cold weather. They add to the ultimate final looks and they add tons to the looks, you could be sure.


All You Need to Know about Men Clothing Brands!


Brands are generally synonymous with expensiveness. But there are some reasons why they are come with a hefty price tag. The design and style of brand clothing cannot be found anywhere else. These are exclusive and so the prices are also. Brand clothing also carries a kind of quality that is simply unmatchable. You can tell a brand pierce from the non-brand easily. Shopping brand clothing you can rest assured that they are worth the price as they look amazingly cool being in lines with the latest trends.

Brands are equally popular with men as they are with women to have quality clothes with a chic look. A few of men clothing brands online which most of the men swear by are discussed below:

Nicolò Ceschi Berrini

He is born in Padova, Italy in 1975. It was in the year 2005 that he officially erupted on the fashion scene with his first menswear collection. Later he changed it to poème bohémien. His clothes are a mix of classic and sophisticated. You’ll find that his style of clothing is marked with a strong attention to detail and originality when you browse through Men Clothing Brands Online.


Georgio Armani is the man behind this Italian luxury fashion brand. It has a loyal male following. It took him some 25 years to turn his business into an acclaimed brand. His collections are characterized by clean and tailored lines and that’s what exactly that won heart of many a man around the world. This innovative and future-forward Italian has also dressed Christian Bale with his made-to-measure suits in one of his movies.


Do you know that Guinness World Records has cited Gucci’s ‘Genius Jeans’ for being the most expensive one throughout the world? This Italian brand has a major share in the global fashion clothing market. Guccio Gucci founded it in 1921. In 2014, its brand value rose by $12.2 billion.


Jeans of Diesel are widely popular with men all over the world. His clothes are designed keeping in mind the young adult market. This Italian brand is the maiden clothing company who took to video games to market its clothing.

Rick Owens

Born in 1962, this American designer’s brand stands out due to its understated luxury. Termed by some a king of ‘dark designs’ he blends light and dark and soft and hard with amazing ease. The best part of his clothing is that it is functional apart from being visionary. The famous line of his patrons includes Lara Stone, Carine Roitfeld, Rihana and Madonna. His collection includes everything from jackets to jeans to winter wear.

These are some of the many brands that are not only known locally but internationally. Men are sure that they are going to get something extraordinary when buying clothes of these brands and most of the times they are right. There are uncountable others who made a name for themselves in the fashion industry. About them, some other time.

Dressspace the Best Women’s Clothing Fashion Brands


With the advent of major fashion name crafting global Fashion inspiration into their designs, now a massively range of clothing for women is easily accessible. Thousands of colors and shades, uncountable patters for distinct clothes, different sorts of prints are becoming mainstream globally but they have always been the heart of Italian fashion.

Womens Clothing Fashion by Dressspace includes amazing Italian designer collection by Angelos-Frentzos, Capannolo, Jan & Carlos, Clare Tough, Damir Doma, Delphine Wilson, Issei Fujita, Jennifer Sindon, Cristian Luppi, Osamn Yousefzada, Vivia Ferragamo, Noria Nakanishi etc. Knitwear and summer shrugs in distinct patterns, length and styles, Blousons in distinct fabrics and colors, Jeans in numerous styles, Dresses in beautiful prints and patterns, etc are available for online purchase. Designer Italian wear has its own timeless appeal and is always stylish with ease. For women who love her individual style, Italian clothing is fashion royalty. Italian women have always been know (stereotype or not) for their well dressed selves.

To dress Italian, it is not important to be Italian because it is rather a fashion milestone than a national or citizenship matter. Here are the certain must haves for ideal Italian women style that are available with the collection of Womens clothing fashion by Dressspace:

  • Gray, black and Beige blazers
  • Denims, Black leggings
  • Burgundy/teal shrug (or pop yellow, gold, red and magenta prints)
  • Pencil Skirts and if you are feeling experimentative, then go for a RARA skirt in Lace and tulle fabric
  • Sleek, fit blouses that accentuate the bosom area and the waistline

Few other pieces in the daily wear wardrobe of summer are colorful summer scarves, sunglasses (nobody wants the sun in their eyes!) and cute ballerina shoes. If feeling tomboyish and elegant at the same time, go for Oxford shoes or black/brown booties in sleek heels without rivets.

When going out

If it is a dinner with a significant other, bring out the seductress with burgundy/Teal/black lace dress with romantic necklines. When dining out with a client for something professional, work out a subtle formal vibe with a natural shaded dress and kitten heel with an elegant bag and shawl collar jacket.

For a lunch out with friends, slip into a floral summer dress with stylish sunglasses and a chic brown sling bag. A floral dress may not keep you warm when the climate is cold so put on a knitwear grey or green dress in maxi style with a romantic waves and fitted cardigan or biker jacket for an edgy style statement.

Accessorizing when the weather is freezing

Summers are gentle and a great opportunity to flaunt style but it doesn’t mean that the freezing climate limits accessorizing. In fact, choosing the right hat, scarves, boots, bag and gloves very much comprise winter accessories. For sophisticated chic attire, go for a loose hair with warm, heavily draped scarf in natural colors with lace gloves.

Italian women style is really just an extension of the grand fashion approach so the best style statement would be the one with least efforts, appropriate prints and fit and most convenient personal style.

Some Useful Tips when choosing a Designer Jeans for Men


Confused about how to and where to buy that perfect pair of jeans? Then visit the site Dress Space. This site is a one stop solution for the latest range of fashion clothing and accessories. On this site both men and women can find a wide variety of clothing range for different seasons and several options in accessories.

One of the most purchased items on Dress Space is Italian jeans for men displayed on this site. The origin of jeans started with the factory workers wearing jeans at work which were back then known to be as “waist overalls”. With the changing times many Hollywood celebrities begin to sport jeans in the 1950’s. The Hollywood trend of sporting jeans made them extremely popular and a wardrobe must have essential clothing item.

Men especially are known to have an immense liking for jeans and with this the demand for Italian jeans for men is on an all time high. There are different types, cuts, sizes and colors of jeans available today. But selecting the right pair of jeans can work wonders on the overall style statement. Mentioned below are a few pointers for selecting designer jeans for men:

Selecting the right fit in jeans –

The different fits available in jeans are:

  • Standard Fit
  • Slim Fit
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Tapered Jeans
  • Boot Cut Jeans

Understanding the right fit of jeans according to the individual body type is the best way to buy jeans.

Selecting the right wash in jeans –

This is one of the most common mistakes that most of the jeans buyers often make. The wash of the jeans can either make someone appear twice their size or vice versa. The shades of dark blue tones are a perfect choice for people who are on the heavier side. The lighter stonewashed finish is ideal for the average sized men.

Selecting the right waist line type in jeans –

This is yet another most element that men need to consider while buying designer jeans. The three common types in waist line jeans are low rise, ultra low rise and high rise jeans. In this low rise is mostly preferred by men with toned abs, and the ultra low rise is only to flaunt the leaner physique further. High rise is preferred by men who are slightly overweight.

Selecting the right jeans material –

The common jeans materials are denim, polyester, cotton, leather and corduroy. Amongst all these materials denim is the best material that any jeans lover can and should opt for.

Get the Latest Collection from Andrew Mackenzie!


Getting one’s talent & art motivated from masses comes perhaps comes to nobody as easy as it does to Andrew Mackenzie. A fashion designer of the world fame, he started his journey working between New York and Paris before settling in Italy to pursue his career further. And from there on there is no looking back as the clothing brand he introduced by the name of ANDREW MACKENZIE initially took the fashion world by storm. Today too, his creations are much-sought after among celebrities and layman all alike.

This Welsh designer has made his own rules when working with denim. This blue fabric finds a whole new look in the hands of this creative genius. Andrew Mackenzie Clothing by DressSpace is for all those who wish to go for fancy yet classy. His Against My Killer is a latest range of clothing that you will easily get mesmerized with.

You just think of and it’s there once you go selecting among from Andrew Mackenzie Clothing by DressSpace. Destructured jacket in ecofriendly cotton gabardine will certainly catch your eyeballs for its macho detailing. You can also grab pant with low hanging crotch and tight leg and the double loop at the centre back, low-waisted pant, tight leg flared at the bottom with zipper and patch pockets back, sweater with short raglan sleeves, in cotton yarn.

And those who want to add drama with divinity can choose their pick from T-shirts with transfert representing different goddesses with stars printed on it. These and many more styles in denim and other fabrics can be conveniently selected from this designer’s recent collection.

Rick Owens women knitwear makes you look gorgeous, grungy and Gothic

Rick Owens is the dream designer of every modern man and woman. Using high-tech materials, the eminent fashion expert has come out with a fantastic brand of women clothing fashion that has the entire female population drooling over his exotic collections. Innovative & highly creative, Owens has mastered the unique art of fusing the old with the new to redefine modern-age fashion.

Rick Owens women knitwear has been lent an enticing look that lets the wearer stand out from the crowd. If you areImage a fashion fanatic and like to keep pace with the latest trend, then you simply cannot afford to ignore the exotic range of collections piled up by Owens under the women clothing online. From jackets to cardigans, from jumpers to shawls, from tops to pullovers, you can avail a wide range of designer products that are supreme in comfort, low on prices and luxurious in looks. The garments have been lent a unique modern look themed as ‘glunge’ (where ‘glamour’ meets ‘grunge’). These gorgeous ensembles make you look rapturous but, more importantly, make you the cynosure of fashion.

Special features of Rick Owens knitwear:

Attires lined up by Rick Owens knitwear have a queer, catchy, Gothic look that’s a far cry from the conventional dresses sewn by other clichéd designers. Using his vast experience and unrivalled brains, Owens has blurred the line between the male & the female sexes. His garbs make a girl look grungy and they add a hint of glamour in a man’s wardrobe.

Rick Owens women knitwear includes dresses that are both classy as well as urbane. The exquisitely chiseled dresses are ideal to highlight your curves and make you look super cool. If you browse through the ensembles, you shall be enamored with the exotic range of attires in terms of colors, shades, shapes, sizes, cuts, prints, patterns and deigns. The prices are also decent and allow the masses to add these pieces to their wardrobes.

Contrary to the conventional designer dresses, Rick Owens knitwear presents collections that have a rough & tough look mingled impeccably with glamour. If you are a fashion-obsessed woman, these garments will make you look both ravishing and smart, say, like a ‘sexy cowboy’.  Owens has the ability to play with colors and using lighter hues like grey, he creates stunning ensembles that are usually seen on the curvy bodies of actresses like Charlize Theron & Naomi Watts or on supermodels like Kate Moss.

Owens’ sense of style is far ahead of the times and makes you look futuristic. There is creativity, innovation & romance in his dresses that take a stroll into the territories of transgression. These garments will make you look powerful, red hot, erotically smart and super sexy without being vulgar. These ensembles are fusion of old-styled gothic with high-tech glamour yet they do not have a loud, screaming effect but rather an appealing grungy impact.

Quality is immaculate and clothes lined up under Rick Owens knitwear are fluid, flowing, durable, silky and long-lasting.

Fashion Brands Made in Italy is Very Popular over the Entire World


Perplexed every time when you go out to shop a dress for yourself? Keeping in touch with fashion trends doesn’t help either? Talking of brands, difficult to make up your mind-what to select? All fashion-conscious individuals are in the same space when it comes to labels and brands. They want the exact replica of the attire they have in their mind howsoever they have to loose their purse strings. Brands are a born choice of every fashionable person, it seems.

Brands are brought out to the disposal of those fashion enthusiasts who don’t get their fashion sensitivities stoked from anywhere else and fashion brands made in Italy are a living example of all that that pushes people to go some steps further to feed their fashion sense. People like you, my friends certainly deserve to be draped in these dresses that’ll suitably define the individual traits of your personality. There is a huge demand of these branded clothes in the national and domestic markets. Almost every day, models walk the ramp in some or the other corner of the world attired in these brands.

Go ahead if you too want to flaunt fashion brands made in Italy. Getting these gears online will get you some great deals. There are plenty of websites that have in their stores that offer you everything from casual to formal wear under one roof. So log on to one of these sites and get a deal of your dreams!

Italian fashion brands that make you crazy



dafsThere are some fashion crazy people who want to go with the trends and for them Italian fashion houses are one of the favorite destinations. Italian fashion, clothing and accessories are the essence of the chic. This is all about unfussiness, authenticity and wears ability. There are various house of fashion that inspires the clothing style of people all over the world. The country is home to the world’s renowned skilled, talented and knowledgeable fashion designers and brands.

Some of the eminent fashion brands made in Italy like Gucci, Diesel, Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana that are successfully creating the fashion appeal worldwide. The first Italian show was held in Florence in 1950 organized by Count Giovanni, and followed by various fashion shows and so on and ultimately Italy has finally achieved the top second positions in world among illustrious fashion capitals. During this era, the designers had revolutionized the world with their innovative creations.

The country has always made ground-breaking use of fabrics creating simple designs but with sharp hand finishing, ensuring elegance and quality. Moreover, these fashion brands made in Italy have always been popular among the celebrities and royalty, right from the Valentino dress worn by Jacqueline Kennedy at her wedding to the famous Salvatore Ferragamo red shoes that Marylin Monroe wore to the popular Borsalino hat worn by Michael Jackson.

Finally, one must say that Italy has made its name in the fashion Industry since the era of haut cultures, set trends, brands have been named due to never-ending efforts of renowned designers who seems to continue on this path from any decades.




Menswear designer Domingo Rodriguez graduated from port John Moore’s University in 2008 and won the Menswear Award at Graduate Fashion Week. After that he secured the Harold Tillman Scholarship for his MA at London faculty of Fashion. His graduate MA assortment for AW10 was scouted by for associate exclusive capsule assortment Domingo Rodriguez for Asos’ He later won the Wolf & badger graduate style awards 2010 and his assortment was conferred throughout Paris Fashion week June 2010 mutually of Esquire Magazines 7good Brits. Domingo Rodriguez cut his teeth interning for Kim Jones and Carolyn Massey and has with success collaborated with Phi-­Nom animal skin, adventure story fur and Copenhagen fur.

A young English man of Dominican origins, he appeared on the style world scene with a bag of expertise and connections. His vogue is incredibly British and far asked for. His discretion and courtesy build him desire a “sponge” once he absorbs the ideas and opinions of those who know. Elegant clothes by Domingo Rodriguez is available at for all the lovers of elegant clothing. His appearance square measures each trendy and stylish, at similar discreet and powdery colors for a young and up to date man. Perfect for Toni Ward a well-known testimonial, Paul Scul for a notable model, Robert Pattinson a celebrity movie star.

Now inquisitive wherever you’ll lay your hands on some Italian wear? Merely log on & voila! You’ll notice varied stores marketing Italian fashion wear at terribly affordable costs. Therefore get fashionable this winter while not burning a hole in your pocket.

Grunge style hits the stores with storm


The pants created in European nation have continually been fashionable among the shoppers owing to their quality and also the level of comfort derived from them. Not solely the jeans however additionally the casual pants are of real interest to the shoppers, as a result of they’re the most effective choices to wear within the workplace or different skilled conferences. The casual pants are the largely used workplace outfit across the world. There are totally different varieties of such pants on the market within the market.

Grunge style clothes for men is concerning as deeply unmoving in yank vogue as you’ll get. However whether or not you associate it with major ’90s rock bands or the recent hoards of hipsters round the world riffling on Cobain’s vogue, there isn’t any misinterpretation that it’s creating a comeback.

The discovery of casual pants were created before the emergence of jeans and has been thought-about to be of nice importance in terms of official works and still during this era, constant style of pants has been the primary alternative for carrying within the workplace. Therefore, it’s vital to induce associate degree access to the gathering of casual wears that are each snug and trendy moreover as give a political candidate look to the protagonist. Within the past there have been a couple of stores and outlets on the market for purchasing such casual pants. However with the arrival of on-line technology, the thought of looking has been the simplest than ever, as variety of on-line shops have born that has brought forward the scope of shopping for things, sitting reception. One in every of such shops has been the, that has brought the varied Italian casual pants, that has been the item of interest for the workplace goers.